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Dějiny věd a techniky, No. 2, Vol. XXXIV (2001)

(Revised by Catherine Albrecht)




(Matematici na německé technice v Brně)

The aim of this article is to describe the development of mathematical education at Brno German Technical University throughout its existence. The first part is devoted to the history of Brno German Technical University and deals with the most important events in the development of the school. The second part describes the professoriate of the Department of Mathematics, and the third part is devoted to the Department of Descriptive Geometry. The last part describes mathematicians who were assistants in these three departments.

The article shows that many significant Austrian and German mathematicians worked at Brno German Technical University. Many of them started their professional careers in Brno and then went on to more important universities in Austria and Germany. Apart from these, there were also other mathematicians who devoted their entire lives to the work in Brno and whose names are today almost forgotten even by historians of mathematics.


Alfred HYNA


(Vznik a počáteční kroky vysokého školství technického v Plzni)

The article, based on the study of archival resources, deals with the early history of the Institute of Technology (IT) in Pilsen which was founded to train mechanical and electrical engineers. The first part discusses circumstances surrounding the establishment of the IT, including contemporaneous ideas to found a university in Pilsen. In 1949 the Institute was created as a detached Faculty of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The second part of the article describes the development of the IT from an independent faculty with its own dean to a university with its own rector in October 1953. The article presents data on the subjects of teaching, professorial board, numbers of students, and so on. It also characterizes the influence of the totalitarian Communist regime on the university. The article closes with the division of the IT into the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering in 1960.

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