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26th International Congress of History of Science and Technology

“Giants and Dwarfs in Science, Technology and Medicine”

July 25–31, 2021, Prague

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Deadline for submission of symposia proposals (including all individual abstracts within symposia): April 30, 2020


16th International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology

August 5–10, 2019, Prague

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Workshop The Role of Institutions in the History of Modern Science

Brno, Masaryk University, 13—16 June 2019

Healthcare before Welfare States: 2nd International Workshop

8—9 March 2018, Prague

Interdisciplinary workshop in the series Mathematics and Society

Mathematicians and scientists as public figures: Living in Ivory Towers?

4—7 January 2018, Telč, Czechia

4th International conference on history and philosophy of computing

4—7 October 2017, Masaryk University in Brno

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RNDr. Luboš NOVÝ, DrSc.
Born 13. 11. 1929 in Prague – died 6. 1. 2017 in Prague

Luboš Nový defended his dissertation about The Bolzano Logic in 1953 after his studies of mathematics and physics at Charles University in Prague. In 1956 he became head of the Department of Science and Technology of a newly founded Historical Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, and he gained the title Doctor of Historical Sciences in 1977. In the years 1985–1990 he was appointed director of the Central Archives of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. He was also long-time chairman of the Czechoslovak Society for the History of Sciences and Technology, and editor-in-chief of its journal History of Sciences and Technology (Dějiny věd a techniky).

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Cover of Vol. LIII / 2020

500 years since the publication of Francis Bacon‘s Novum Organum

Contents — volume LIII – 2020 / number 4

213 The depictions of alchemical laboratories: How much do they reflect the reality? ● Vladimír Karpenko
245 The first Czechoslovak industrial robots ● František Šolc – Lubomír Anděl

265 Michal V. Šimůnek – Antonín Kostlán (eds.), Biografický slovník obětí nacistické perzekuce 1939–1945, svazek 1 (A–K), Praha 2019 ● Petr Svobodný
267 Schwarzer Tod und Pestabwehr im frühneuzeitlichen Hermannstadt. Pestordnungen der Stadtärzte Johann Salzmann (1510, 1521), Sebastian Pauschner (1530) und Johann Stubing (1561). Robert Offner, Thomas Şindilariu vyd. Hermannstadt (Sibiu) – Bonn: Schiller Verlag 2020 ● František Šimon

Full Contents...

Contents — volume LIII – 2020 / number 3

119 Editorial

120 Milada Paulová and her activity in non-university science institutions ● Daniela Brádlerová
131 Jaroslav Bidlo as a Member of the Royal Bohemian Society of Sciences and the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts ● Marek Ďurčanský
152 Josef Macůrek as a historian and the Brno school of historical Slavic studies ● Radomír Vlček
188 Between filology and history. Slavonic studies in the scientific output of Henryk Batowski ● Sebastian Grudzień

207 Zvláštní číslo časopisu Centaurus: Histories of Epidemics in the time of Covid 19. Special issue of Centaurus 62, 2020, č. 2 ● Petr Hampl

Full Contents...

Contents — volume LIII – 2020 / number 1—2

3 Editorial

5 Ultra Columnas Herculis: Four centuries since the publication of the Instauratio magna by Francis Bacon ● Jan Čížek

14 Lessons from the Coronavirus Crisis ● Stanislav Komárek

31 Alchemy in the Czech lands I. The first signs of knowledge and its further spread during the Middle Ages ● Ivo Purš – Vladimír Karpenko
62 Physics in the Czech lands between the scientific revolution and the beginnings of the enlightenment (1620–1750) ● Josef Smolka

84 Práce historika exaktních věd Josefa Smolky (1929–2020). Podíl na formování oboru a komentovaná bibliografie ● Tomáš Hermann

116 Harald SALFELLNER. Španělská chřipka. Příběh pandemie z roku 1918. Praha, Vitalis, 2018 ● Petr Hampl ● Vladimír Karpenko

Full Contents...

Cover of Vol. LII / 2019

150 years of the periodic table of elements

Contents — volume LII – 2019 / number 4

167 Competition 1804: Bolzano and mathematics in the Czech lands at the end of the 18th century ● Jan Makovský
210 Epigenesis, the emergence of preformism and the reception of Aristotelianism in the early modern times ● Tereza Liepoldová – Roman Figura

230 How I was formulating the periodical geologial scale ● Radan Květ

Full Contents...

Contents — volume LII – 2019 / number 3

101 The new waste water treatment plant in Prague – comparison of the interwar and postwar approach ● Kryštof Drnek
121 The diachronic databases containing women in the Central Europe as regards to the biographical studies ● Lenka Křížová
133 The most common solutions of horizontal structures of tenement buildings at the turn of the 20th centuriy ● Klára Kroftová

Full Contents...

Contents — volume LII – 2019 / number 2

53 The story of Babetta’s design ● Zdeno Kolesár
66 Baltasar Conrad (1599–1660) and his appeal to European scientists ● Josef Smolka
79 Social and cultural history of technology: Toward conceptualization of technology in Anglo-Saxon history I. (up to 1970) ● Jiří Janáč

Full Contents...

Contents — volume LII – 2019 / number 1

3 The Periodic System of Elements: Successes and Failures ● Vladimír Karpenko

14 Positivismusstreit as a Dispute Over the Method of (Not Only) Social Sciences ● Jitka Paitlová
34 A Century of History of Pharmacy in the Independent Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic 1918–2018 ● Ladislav Svatoš

43 Do We Really Care Less About Therapy? A Response of prof. Ladislav Syllaba to a Passage on Healthcare in the Speech of President T. G. Masaryk from 28. 10. 1928 (the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of Czechoslovakia) ● Ludmila Hlaváčková

Full Contents...

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